Burger Buns

There’s Nothing We Love More Than An Excuse To Whip Up A Burger

Come rain or shine, we’re bound to be getting the burgers out for our barbecues, fakeaways, big nights in, quick and easy dinners, any chance we get really!

Burgers can be eaten any time of the year, for weekends and weekdays so you’ve got to make sure to always have some burger buns on hand. That’s where Baker Street comes in.

All About That Base

We’ve created our range of burger buns to offer something for everyone. They’re cleverly packed to last longer, and we’re proud to say we made sure our buns are built for burgers.

We’re On A Roll!

When you fancy whipping up some takeaway-style burgers, creating a quick and easy crowd-pleasing dinner or coming up with something entirely new, Baker Street’s range of burger buns are there for you!

Burger Buns

Nice and round and deliciously soft, our Burger Buns are made for any patty - beef, chicken, turkey, veggie and beyond. With our buns being cleverly packed to last longer, they’re always there for any burger meal occasion.

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Topped with a generous scattering of crunchy sesame seeds, our Seeded Burger Buns offer a little something extra. Tasty and soft, these buns are made for a truly banging burger. Just top your burger with your favourite sauce and toppings and you’re good for a quick mid-week dinner or a weekend treat.

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Sometimes the motto “go big or go home” is all you need to take your meals to new heights. In that spirit, we created our Mega Seeded Burger Buns - supersized for when you want a little more bang for your burger. Topped with classic sesame seeds for that all American taste, these buns have plenty of room for filling with all your favourite burger ingredients and toppings, too.

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Top Tip

With all of our Baker Street burger buns, we recommend heating them up for up to 3 minutes. Our buns have the best taste and texture once they've been lightly toasted which also helps them better hold all your toppings.

So Special
About Baker Street
Burger Buns

Built For Burgers

Soft and golden brown, they have been carefully crafted for the classic shape, the classic size and the classic texture so that you can enjoy your favourite burgers at home. Whether you’re creating your classic burger and sauce combo or something a little bit more out there (we’re not judging!) our Baker Street Burger Buns are best served lightly toasted so they can better hold all your favourite fillings and get that classic taste and texture.

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Ways To Use Our
Burger Buns

Now obviously, the most common way to use a burger bun is to… well, make a burger...

...and no burger is complete without its salad. Our buns are sturdy enough to hold your favourites including lettuce and sliced tomato.

Whether you go for a classic beef burger patty, or a different meat or veggie option, it will work in our tried and tested buns.

And to finish it off, pile on your favourite burger toppings... melted cheese, sauce, relish. The options are endless...

...and that’s where you come in. We think there's always a little room for creativity, so add your go-to burger toppings on to create your masterpiece!