About Us

Since we created Baker Street in
2002, we’ve been on a mission to create
delicious bread and bakery products
that last for longer.

We wanted to make sure you
never have to go without
great tasting bread...

and we really, wanted to do our part
to cut down on food waste

Less waste
great taste

Not only is food waste a waste of our pennies, it’s also bad for the environment

So if we asked you if you wanted bread that’s not only tasty but lasts longer and helps you cut down on food waste you’d say yes, right?!

Well, that’s what we’ve got!


Lovingly baked and cleverly packed,
so we can all enjoy it for longer.

Our tasty bread stays fresher
for longer, so it’s always there for
you when you need it

Always there
for that quick
tasty lunch

Always there
for the midnight

Always there
for the after
school snack

Always there
for the last
minute lunchbox

Always there
for the running
late breakfast

Even better, our products are Vegetarian Society Approved

Make sure to have a look at our individual product pages for more details.


OK, so we know we’re probably a bit biased but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s some other reasons why people love Baker Street too…

Great vegan rolls

“These hot dog rolls are a perfect size for a sausage. They are soft and pre-sliced which is a bonus. I love that these are vegan so are perfect for guests with certain dietary requirements when holding a BBQ.”

Tesco Customer
Posted on Tesco

Soft and tasty

“These buns are soft and really tasty. I love how these are pre-sliced. These went lovely with some homemade burgers.”

Asda Customer
Posted on Asda

These are soft, fluffy and versatile, suitable for

“These are soft, fluffy and versatile, suitable for different fillings as well as burgers. I liked they come pre-sliced, and they are vegan and vegetarian too.”

Tesco Customer
Posted on Tesco

Delicious and satisfying

“My absolute favourite.”

Posted on Ocado

Long best before dates

“Impressed that I can keep the buns for 2 months after purchase (which is rarely found in other burger buns), also the buns are tasty and can make a perfect burger.”

Tesco Customer
Posted on Tesco

Good buns

“Nice burger buns with long best-before date. Tasty!”

Asda Customer
Posted on Asda

Lovely and soft

“Perfect vegan hot dog rolls, which I heated up first. Lovely and tasty, so soft. I will be buying these again.”

Posted on Ocado

Great standby

“For a store cupboard standby they are great and have a long best before date. Very handy to have in for when you fancy a hot dog and they are already pre-cut.”

Asda Customer
Posted on Asda