Sliced Loaves

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

We may be a bit biased, but we really do think our sliced loaves are… well, the best thing since sliced bread! Sliced to the right thickness, cleverly packed to last longer and ideal for every meal, you can’t go wrong with our loaves. Whether you’re in the mood for classic white bread, fancy a bit of brown or are looking for something different with our seeded loaf, Baker Street is always there for your bread needs.

Always There…

It’s no surprise sliced bread has become a true British staple. It’s convenient, it’s tasty, and it always hits the spot, whether it’s the first meal of the day or a sneaky snack in the evening. It will come as no surprise that we at Baker Street love what we do, and we think there’s something extra special about our Baker Street Sliced Loaves.

Passionate About Reducing Waste

Here at Baker Street we’re really passionate about reducing food waste. The amount of bread that we all waste every day could make 10 million sandwiches, so we’re on a mission to do something about it.

Lovingly baked and cleverly packed, so we can all enjoy it for longer. Our tasty bread stays fresher for longer, so it’s always there for you when you need it. It’s simple, we just combine our unique recipes with a clean packaging process, and ‘ta-dah!’ bread that lasts longer!

Sliced Loaves

The original, the classic, everyone's favourite. Our Sliced White Loaf is a simply delicious crowd pleaser. Toast it up for breakfast, use it for any type of sandwich, or even fry it with sugar for some lovely French toast. Whatever you do with it, we promise you'll ‘loaf’ it.

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Our Sliced Brown Loaf is medium-sliced and maximum delicious. Every slice is simple and tasty, whether you’re buttering it up for breakfast, adding your favourite toppings at lunch, or crumbling it up for a handful of delicious breadcrumbs.

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Top Tip

Use your loaf so no slice goes in the bin. Why not try making croutons, bread crumbs or even some simple garlic bread with any leftover slices from your pack!

Why We
Love Our
Sliced Loaves


At Baker Street, we don’t do things by halves. Our sliced loaves are totally delicious, and we’ve developed our recipe to make the ultimate slice – each and every time. From the sunflower seeds in our Sliced Seeded Loaf, to the wholemeal wheat in our Sliced Brown Loaf, we’ve made sure every bite is as tasty as can be.

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Ways To Use Our
Sliced Loaves

We’re a nation of sandwich lovers, so you probably already have...

...a few tried and tested ways of using up the rest of your Seeded, Brown or White Sliced Bread.

From coronation chicken and cheese and pickle,... tuna salad and of course the classic breakfast butty - there’s... shortage of great sandwich combinations to pair with our delicious Sliced Loaves.