Rye Breads

Rye Not Mix Up Your Sandwich Options

Rich, earthy, nutty and so satisfying, rye bread is a favourite around the world. Ideal for toasting and a fantastic base for sandwiches, rye breads are a source of fibre and an excellent addition to any plate.

Our rye breads are made with a sourdough starter for a richer flavour and a lighter texture. They’re a great alternative to other breads, and also come with a range of benefits which you can find out more about below, or visit our individual product pages.


Our two different varieties of rye bread work especially well for open sandwiches or toast but also for other meal ideas. They are also cleverly packed to last longer, so that you can stock up on Baker Street Rye Breads at home for whenever you need them.

What To Eat With Rye Bread

For breakfast, scrambled egg and tomato works great or for lunch – try a classic like chicken, bacon & salad. If you want something a bit more adventurous give brie, blackberry and rosemary a try (it works – trust us!).

Rye Breads

Packed with sunflower seeds and linseeds for a hearty crunch, our Seeded Rye Bread also contains oats and barley for extra texture and flavour. It's made with a sourdough starter and wholegrain rye, which come together in a really tasty slice. A slice of our Seeded Rye Bread with your favourite toppings makes a fantastic open sandwich, but we’re particularly partial to a slice lightly toasted and spread with butter and jam for either breakfast or a simple snack.

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Our Rye & Wheat Bread packs a punch, with a nicely balanced flavour thanks to the combination of high-quality rye and wheat flour. Because it's low in fat and a source of fibre, our Rye & Wheat Bread is a good choice for lots of dietary requirements. For your convenience it's pre-sliced, so you can use for toast, sandwiches and much more.

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Top Tip

Whether you’re looking for a different lunch option or something a little lighter, why not try our rye breads as either the base for an open sandwich or even use for mini pizzas.

What Is
Rye Bread?

Rye Bread Benefits

Rye bread is made with rye flour, which is generally darker and heavier than other flours. This makes rye bread more dense than normal sliced loaves, and lends itself to lots of deep, earthy flavours. It is low in fat and a great source of fibre, and our Seeded Rye Bread is packed with hearty linseeds, sunflower seeds, barley and oats.

Rye Bread
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Rye Bread
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Rye Bread
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A Quick, Hearty
Start To The Day

Lightly toast and smother with...

...your favourite ingredients...

...our range of Rye Breads are low in fat...

...and a great source of fibre...

...amazing to enjoy anytime of the day!