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Leftover Sausages Brunch on Rye Toast

Give leftover sausages a new lease of life in this easy & quick breakfast recipe idea.

20 minutesServes 1
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A super simple speedy recipe that uses leftover cooked sausages for a tasty brunch dish, using Baker Street’s delicious Seeded Rye Bread.

Give leftover sausages from last night’s dinner a makeover in this easy meal idea that’s great for a tasty breakfast or lunch, a savoury snack or a light dinner.

Chopped cooked sausages, peppers and cherry tomatoes, as well as wilted spinach, come together as the topping for this dish, served on a toasted sliced of Baker Street’s Seeded Rye Bread.

Top tip

You could use leftover bacon instead of sausages, a large tomato instead of cherry tomatoes, yellow or green pepper in place of red, and spring onions instead of onions.

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  • 2 slices Baker Street Seeded Rye bread
  • 1 small onion (red or brown), sliced
  • 1/3 red pepper, diced
  • 2 tsps olive oil
  • 8-10 cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1 or 2 leftover cooked sausages, sliced
  • Large handful baby spinach, washed
  • A few sprigs of parsley, chopped


  1. Gently fry the chopped onions and peppers in the olive oil in a frying pan for about 5 minutes until soft.
  2. Add the chopped cherry tomatoes and sausages and continue to cook for another 4-5 minutes or until the sausages are thoroughly heated through.
  3. Meanwhile toast the Baker Street Seeded Rye Bread.
  4. Add the spinach and parsley to the pan and stir through until the spinach has wilted.
  5. Pile the mixture on top of the rye toast and finish with a grind of black pepper.