Hot Dog Rolls

We Love Hot Dogs Here At Baker Street

At Baker Street, we’re passionate about making sure you can have deliciously baked hot dog rolls that last longer so that they’re always on hand for last-minute BBQs, a fakeaway-style hot dog feast or unexpected Bonfire Night guests. Baker Street’s products are cleverly packed to last longer, meaning if you stock up on your hot dog rolls, they’re always there when you need them.

Baker Street’s deliciously soft hot dog rolls have been created to ensure you have the right roll for your hot dog – whether you’re looking for your go-to hot dog roll or something bigger for your jumbo sized hot dog. Find them in selected supermarkets nationwide and get ready to fill them with all your favourite toppings.

Perfect For Any Occasion

Our hot dog rolls have been carefully crafted for the classic shape, size and texture so that you can create your favourite hot dog at home. Our hot dog rolls are great for grilling, barbecuing or any mealtime. They’re perfect with meat or veggie sausages too!

Fill It With Anything…

…well, almost anything! From your classic combinations, to something a bit more unusual, our hot dog rolls can be filled with both savoury and sweet fillings, and you could use them for sandwiches, sides like garlic bread and even for a dessert.

Hot Dog Rolls

Perfect for sizzling sausages, fire-roasted frankfurters or banging bangers alike, our Hot Dog Rolls are sturdy enough to hold all your toppings and soft enough for easy tasty bites. Heat them up for a couple of minutes before filling for the best taste.

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What can we say... Sometimes bigger is better. Our Jumbo Hot Dog Rolls are the solution for anyone keen on supersizing their hot dogs, or like their dogs with some extra toppings - or just those of us who like a hearty bite! What’s more, our hot dog buns are pre-cut, so no messing about with the bread knife.

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Top Tip

For all of our Hot Dog Rolls, warm them up in the oven for up to three minutes so that they’re lightly toasted before filling for the best taste and texture.

Use Our
Hot Dog Rolls?

Nice Texture

The inside of the hot dog roll needs to be deliciously soft but firm enough to hold all your favourite fillings without the bread becoming soggy or crumbly! At Baker Street we’ve carefully perfected our recipe so that our rolls are the ideal texture to create the ultimate hot dog.

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Ways To Use Our
Hot Dog Rolls

You can’t have the perfect hot dog without the perfect roll. Lightly toasted, soft and pre-sliced our hot dog rolls are the go-to base.

You might want to go for a traditional frankfurter, or you might be more of a chorizo, Cumberland or Lincolnshire sort of person.

We love a veggie sausage in our hot dog buns too, but with so many flavours and types of sausages out there these days, the possibilities are endless!

The age-old question - ketchup or mustard? Get the best of both worlds by drizzling swirls of each. We think there's no right answer and everyone has their own ‘best’ way to serve up a hot dog - as long as they’re using our rolls, of course!