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Fish Finger Rolls with Salt & Vinegar Crisps

For an easy treat dinner that will definitely be your catch of the day

25 minutesServes 4
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For those dinner times when you want something quick and easy, and still feel like a bit of a treat, then these Fish Finger Rolls are perfect for you.

Featuring all the classic flavours of fish and chips by using salt and vinegar crisps, tartar sauce and of course fish fingers, those amazing Fish Finger Rolls are served inside Baker Street’s Hot Dog Rolls.

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  • 4 Baker Street Hot Dog Rolls
  • 8 fish fingers
  • Tartar sauce
  • Shredded lettuce
  • 1 pack salt & vinegar crisps


  1. Cook the fish fingers according to the instructions on the pack
  2. Once the fish fingers are nearly done, warm the Baker Street Hot Dog Rolls according to the pack instructions
  3. Spread the bottom of the hot dog rolls with tartar sauce, layer on a bit of shredded lettuce and then pop the cooked fish fingers on top
  4. Serve with a few salt and vinegar crisps inside the rolls if you fancy!