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Breaducate Yourself About Reducing Bread Waste

1 year ago
Breaducate yourself in reducing bread waste

Here at Baker Street, we are passionate about reducing bread waste by baking delicious bread that’s cleverly packed so you can enjoy it for longer. As it’s Zero Waste Week (6th-10th September), we thought it was time to breaducate you Bread Heads on how and why we do what we do.

Why does Baker Street want to reduce bread waste?

bread waste facts

Food waste is a huge problem globally – did you know that a third of all food produced worldwide is wasted? Bread waste is a big part of this and is one of the top three most wasted household food items. In fact as a nation, we bin almost 20 million slices of bread every day! That’s 10 million tasty sarnies wasted!

That is an bun-believable amount of bread and food thrown away every day, and here at Baker Street, we wanted to do our bit to help tackle this problem. We don’t think anyone should ever be without great tasting bread or have to waste it, so we did something about it. We decided to cleverly pack our delicious bread so that you can enjoy it for longer.

How does Baker Street do it?

Lovingly baked and cleverly packed

Now you may be wondering how our tasty bread stays fresher for longer. Well, we have done something very clever and taken a fresh approach to smarter packaging!

All we have done is simply combine our lovingly baked recipes with a clean packaging process to protect your bakery product from those tiny micro-organisms (the culprits of mould). This allows our products to last for longer, keeping them delicious until you are ready to enjoy them.

Here are Baker Street’s steps to making our delicious bread that stays fresher for longer, so you can enjoy it whenever you need it…

Step 1: Lovingly Bake Our Bread

Just like all good bakers, we’ve perfected our recipes over many years of baking and tasting. They contain all the ingredients we need to make deliciously soft bread. Like most of the bread you’ll see on the supermarket shelves, our products may include a calcium propionate preservative (which helps stop that pesky mould growth) and an emulsifier (to help them stay nice and soft).

You can find out more about our ingredients.

Step 2: Ultra Clean Packaging Process

In addition to our unique recipes and the precise baking in our ovens, we’ve taken a fresh approach to our packaging. In all our bakeries we take extra care to ensure that the production lines are super clean, reducing the risk of tiny micro-organisms (the culprits of mould) getting anywhere near our freshly baked products.

This care, together with a range of special protective packaging films help protect your bread and keep it fresher for longer.

Step 3: Deliver It To You Quickly

As soon as our products are baked and packed, we run some final quality checks, then we send them directly from our bakeries to our warehouses and retailers to ensure you receive it in the freshest condition, allowing you to enjoy it for longer!

So Bread Heads, now you know how and why we do what we do, are you going to join us in reducing bread waste? If you’re struggling, check out our Facebook and Instagram – @lovebakerstreet – for ways to #UseYourLoaf and make sure that no slice is left behind!