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Baker Street’s Festive Range is Back

Stollen Cookies, Loaf, Bites & More!

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This year we’re going BIG for Christmas with the return of our festive range! Featuring our classic stollen as well as some new treats and traditional Christmas flavours, Baker Street’s seasonal products aim to bring the best of the Christmas markets right into your homes.

Most of the range is suitable for vegetarians, and you’ll find our products in selected supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide, as well as online, including Tesco, Co-op, Ocado, Nisa and Asda.

To see our full line-up of Christmassy treats, take a look below and let us know what you think of them!

Baker Street Marzipan Stollen Loaves

Stollen Loaf

It’s like a German Christmas market has been set up right in your kitchen! Our Stollen Loaves come in two different sizes – 200g and 500g – and are packed full of traditional festive flavours including juicy raisins, citrus peel and a delicious marzipan centre. We’d say try and stick to one slice at a time, but we know we can’t stop you!

Find our 200g Marzipan Stollen Loaf in Tesco, Asda, Co-op and Nisa. And if you’re looking for a bigger loaf, get your 500g Marzipan Stollen Loaf from Ocado and Asda.

Baker Street Marzipan Stollen Bites

Stollen Bites

All the goodness of stollen in one bite-sized amount. It’s ingenious, if you ask us! Featuring the same juicy raisins and smooth marzipan as our Stollen Loaf and sprinkled with some icing sugar for a little extra sweetness, it’s Christmas in a mouthful.

You can find our Marzipan Stollen Bites in Tesco, Co-op and Nisa.

Baker Street Apple Stollen Bites

Stollen Apple Bites

Our Apple Stollen Bites are made with juicy raisins, sweet apple and a dusting of icing sugar for good measure. They’re meant for sharing but we won’t judge if you sneak them all to yourself.

Our Apple Stollen Bites are available in Tesco.

Baker Street Stollen Cookies

Stollen Cookies

Rumour has it, Father Christmas is partial to a cookie. Well, we can guarantee that he’ll be all over these moreish Stollen Cookies. Raisins, marzipan, icing sugar… it’s got all the good stuff, in a crumbly, tasty cookie. It’s a winner in our books, but what do you reckon?

You can find our Stollen Cookies in Tesco.

Chocolate & Orange Cake Truffles

Chocolate Orange Truffles

Nothing says Christmas more than the combination of chocolate and orange. Our Cake Truffles pack those two flavours into one little ball of tastiness. They’re a grown-up treat for the festive season, to share or to chow down on all by yourself, no judgment here!

Get your own pack of our Chocolate & Orange Cake Truffles in Tesco.

Christmas with Baker Street: Recipe Ideas & Big Giveaways

Keep a look out on our socials, because we are going big this year! Our virtual sack of presents is filled to the brim with fun ideas for you. From tasty Christmas market-themed recipes, ways to get into the festive spirit between now and the big day. And they’ll be plenty of chances to win a whole host of prizes, so keep your eyes peeled.

Make sure you’re following @LoveBakerStreet on Facebook and Instagram to celebrate with us all through the festive season.

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