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Baker Street & Annabel Karmel Team Up For Halloween

From monster burgers to Halloween sandwiches, see how Annabel Karmel has used Baker Street products to create some delicious Halloween family-friendly meals.

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To get you all into the spooky spirit, we’ve partnered with children’s food expert⁣ Annabel Karmel to give you all some creative ways to use Baker Street products for your Halloween Big Night In!

As part of our Baker Street Big Night In campaign, we want to give parents and their families lots of ways to use our range of cleverly-packed range of burger buns, hot dogs rolls and sliced loaves for some delicious and spine-chilling Halloween meal ideas.

From Halloween dinner ideas that the whole family will love, to quick and easy party food to whip up for your Halloween party, take a look at what Annabel Karmel has made with Baker Street.

If you’re looking for more hauntingly good Halloween recipes, take a look at our Easy Halloween Recipe Ideas blog post, and keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook channels for more inspiration.


Baker Street Monster Burger

Despite their scary appearance, Annabel Karmel has created these frightengly good Monster Burgers so that they’re packed with plenty of flavour and hidden veg.

Combining lean minced beef with red pepper, grated apple and other delicious flavours, these classic beef burgers go great with crunchy lettuce, slices of juicy tomato and melted cheese in one of our Original Burger Buns.

Get the recipe here: Annabel Karmel – Monster Burgers


Toast the burger buns for a few minutes before adding in your beef patty, toppings and decorations – this is the best way to serve and enjoy them.


Baker Street’s range of Sliced Loaves are always there for those school lunchbox sandwiches or morning toast. For something a bit different create Annabel Karmel’s Halloween-themed sandwiches for half-term week.

Get creative with the kids in the kitchen and make a Cucumber & Cream Cheese Mummy, Avocado Frankenstein, Peanut Butter & Banana Ghosts and Cheese Monsters. These can be made with our full range of White, Brown and Seeded Sliced Loaves, which are medium sliced and feature no crust ends for those picky eaters.

Get the recipe here: Annabel Karmel – Spooky Halloween Sandwiches

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