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Baker Street White Sliced Loaf Lemon & Honey Roll-Ups Pancake Day

Alternative Pancake Day Recipes

If you’ve forgotten all the ingredients for pancake batter for Shrove Tuesday, fret not – try out Baker Street’s alternative Pancake Day recipes, which will help you & your family reduce food waste.

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The beauty of Baker Street’s products is that they’re cleverly packed to last longer – so whether you have a few slices of bread leftover, or two lonely burger buns from your last dinner, they can be used in our delicious alternative Pancake Day recipes.

Pancake Day (Tuesday 21st Feburary 2023) – or Shrove Tuesday – is fast approaching and if you’ve got no time to whip up a batter, or haven’t had chance to think about it, then fret not! Baker Street has come up with some tried and tested alternative Pancake Day recipes that mean you can use what you hopefully have at home already, and put any leftover Baker Street bread and buns to good (and tasty) use.

Pancake Day Flip In A Pan

Not only that, using up your leftover bread with these alternative Pancake Day recipes will help to save anything going in the bin unneccessarily. Here at Baker Street, we’re passionate about helping families reduce their food waste in creative ways – from family-friendly recipes to use up leftover bread, to tips and tricks that you might not have thought about before!

Take a look at our ideas below and if you try them out, tag @LoveBakerStreet on Instagram and Facebook to show use your alternative Pancake Day creations!

Pancake Day Facts


Fruit & Nutella Pancake Roll-Ups

If you’re interested in veering away from the classic Pancake Day toppings, why not give this Fruit & Nutella Pancake Roll-Ups recipe a go. We think this works best with our White Sliced Loaf, and served with a dipping dish of warm Nutella on the side.

Get your leftover slices of White Sliced Loaf and flatten them our with a rolling pin, spread some Nutella on top of them and then roll them up. Then, dip the roll-up Nutella-filled bread in an egg and milk mixture, fry them in a hot pan with melted butter in until golden brown and serve with your favourite berries on the side and a light dusting of icing sugar.

Find the full recipe on our Instagram post.

Eggy Bread Pancakes Crop

Eggy Bread Pancakes

Using the last two Baker Street Burger Buns in your pack, make these alternative pancakes to ensure no bun gets left behind!

Similar to how you would make eggy bread, use our Burger Buns instead and create an epic pancake stack drizzled with syrup and topped with some berries and a little dusting of icing sugar for the best food waste reduing recipe this Pancake Day.

This alternative Pancake Day recipe is also a great win for occasions like a treat breakfast – maybe for Mother’s Day as a way to say thanks to mum – or even as a celebratory brunch.

White Sliced Loaf Pancakes

Our classic Sliced White Loaf needs no introduction, but there’s probably a few leftover slices of bread in your pack right? So, why not put them to good use in this alternative Pancake Day recipe idea.

All you need to do is take the slices, roll them out with a rolling pin so that they’re thin, spread on some butter and sprinkle some sugar on top and then roll them up and dip them in an egg and milk mixture. Then, you can get them into a hot frying pan to cook up and serve.

The beauty of this recipe is that you can top these pancakes with whatever toppings you like once they’re cooked. Go for classic sugar and lemon juice for an easy win, or get your family to pick their favourite sweet toppings to make sure they’re happy with their alternative Pancake Day creations!

You can find the full recipe on our Instagram post.

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