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Halloween: Baker Street’s easy recipe ideas

2 years ago
Slices of toast decorated to look like Halloween monster and mummy on a plate

BOO! Nah, we’re just kidding – scaring people on Halloween isn’t our style. But tasty food definitely is, which is why we’ve come up with some spooky ideas for you to try out before and on 31st October.

We’ve tried to think of lots of creative ways you can use our Baker Street range to make some simple spine-tingling dishes requiring very little ingredients.

Take a look at our ideas below and if you’re planning on making any, why not share them with us on social by tagging @LoveBakerStreet on Instagram and Facebook.

Happy Halloween Bread Heads!


That’s right – toast that looks like ghosts… or monsters, or zombies or any other Halloween characters you like. There’s no recipe for this one – simply grab a pack of our Baker Street Sliced White Loaf (you can use our Brown or Seeded loaves if you prefer them), pop some slices in the toaster, and get your own little monsters to decorate a slice with whatever savoury or sweet ingredients you have to hand and watch them turn our bread into some spooky creatures.

Make sure you check out our Bread Heads’ #BakerStreetGhostToast too on Instagram, as well as on the comments on this Facebook post, as they’ve come up with some cracking creations!

You can pick up our Baker Street Sliced Loaves in selected Nisa stores.



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Our Baker Street Rye Bread is great for dipping into a warm bowl of soup-er soup – whatever flavour tickles your fancy – on a cold, autumn evening. That’s why we’ve picked our favourite for Halloween – pumpkin soup – and simply dripped some cream garnish on top, and then used a toothpick to make the spider web pattern.

Grab yourself some Baker Street Rye Bread from selected Nisa, SPAR, Tesco Ireland and Ocado stores, as well as online.


Halloween sandwiches in the shape of spiders, skulls and witches' fingers on a white table

Spiders, skulls and witches’ fingers. That’s right, we’ve used our Baker Street Sliced Loaves to make Halloween sandwiches this year. All we did was made up the sandwiches using a couple of slices of bread and our favourite fillings, and then used some Halloween biscuit cutters to make them into a creepy shape.

If you don’t have Halloween biscuit cutters, you can just use a knife (carefully!) to create the shapes that you want.

Get making our spooky sarnies with our Baker Street Sliced Loaves – available in selected Nisa stores.



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A Halloween showstopper in our opinion and simple to make, these witch’s finger rolls use our Baker Street Soft White Finger Rolls, as well as some frankfurter hot dogs and a dollop of ketchup.

Simply carve a finger nail shape and some knuckle lines carefully with a knife in the top of each hot dog, add some ketchup to each Soft White Finger Roll and place the hot dog inside.

Pick up a pack of our Baker Street Soft White Finger Rolls in selected Nisa and SPAR stores.