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Daniel Rowden’s Epic Summer BBQ with Baker Street

What better way to end an epic summer of sport than to have a huge BBQ with all your friends? […]

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What better way to end an epic summer of sport than to have a huge BBQ with all your friends? Well, we’re happy to say that’s exactly what honorary Bread Head Daniel Rowden did.

We caught up with him to find out all about his celebratory BBQ, what he served to his friends and his BBQ must haves.

And of course, what BBQ is complete without some Baker Street Original Burger Buns and Classic Hot Dog Rolls?

So if you want to have a BBQ just like a sporting superstar, keep reading:

Why do you love a BBQ?

Daniel Rowden Friends BBQ

Eating is always a good time. Eating with friends is better, and eating with friends outside is the best. BBQs are just great social events and the flavours that the coals produce are just wonderful.

What are your BBQ ‘must-haves’?

Great company is always a must have. Good conversation makes any event a good time. It’s always better when the weather is nice and warm, with clear skies or a setting sun. But I’ve had many BBQs in less than ideal conditions and it’s always been fun. And then you need good bread. I’ve been at BBQs when the bread ruins the meat by getting stuck to the roof of your mouth when you take a bite. Baker street bread works a treat!

What burgers will you be serving up?

I’ll be serving up some classic beef burgers, seasoned with a little steak seasoning, salt, pepper and paprika and a slice of melted cheese on the top. If it’s cooked right and stays juicy in the middle I usually don’t bother with any sauces. The meat and bun by themselves is delicious. One of my friends is vegetarian so I’ll do some bean burgers for him.

Daniel Rowden BBQ Table

How are you having your BBQ hot dogs?

Straight forward sausages. Occasionally I experiment with different varieties but on a bbq, the flavour from the coals is good enough for me. A little ketchup and mayo and I’m good to go.

What else are you popping on the BBQ?

Chicken is one of my favourite things to have on a bbq because it stays so juicy and flavoursome. I’ll be popping on some peri peri and bbq flavoured wings, legs, and drumsticks. Because one of my friends is pescatarian, I’ll also be grilling some prawns and salmon which I’ve never done before. Should be fun! And lastly some peppers and mushrooms for some different flavours and textures.

Daniel Rowden BBQ

What sides are your go-to for a BBQ?

Just some simple coleslaw and potato salad but usually they get hardly touched while everyone is enjoying the meat.

What’s your favourite drink to serve up at a BBQ?

I personally enjoy a refreshing apple cider, but many of my friends enjoy beers, darker fruit ciders and wines. We like to keep it classy!

Have you got any special BBQ tips and tricks?

Preparation is key, otherwise you spend all the time running round, burning things and can’t enjoy the company of any guests.

Daniel Rowden BBQ

If you could invite anyone famous to your BBQ who would it be?

Tough question but I’d probably go with the Obamas, and maybe Lebron James. I just think the conversation would be great and I know I’d learn a lot. They’ve collectively experienced many things and have a unique perspective and outlook on the world.

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