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British Champion Daniel Rowden Shares His Favourite Meals

We have some exciting news, Bread Heads! For the next couple of months we are partnering with Daniel Rowden – […]

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We have some exciting news, Bread Heads! For the next couple of months we are partnering with Daniel Rowden – the 2020 800m British National Champion.

Daniel is from London and is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at University College London, although he has taken time off to focus on his athletics. His personal best of 1.44.09 ranked him 3rd fastest in the world in 2020 and he ended last year’s ranking as the number one in the UK!

Stay tuned on our blog, as well as on Daniel’s social media and Baker Street’s Instagram and Facebook channels over the next couple of months. We’ll be sharing more about Daniel’s story, his favourite meals using Baker Street, as well as some exciting challenges we’ll be setting him over the summer.

We really wanted to get to know Daniel Rowden a bit better and couldn’t wait to ask him about his favourite meals…

*Main image: Photo Credit – British Athletics

Photo Credit Global Sports Communication

Daniel Rowden: Favourite Meals

What’s your favourite BBQ dish?

“I’m a classic man. Just give me a nicely seasoned, flame-grilled, medium rare to medium well-done beef burger, with a little ketchup and mayo and I’m good to go. Anything else can spoil the flavour. Same goes for a hotdog. Just the sausage, the roll and a drizzle of sauce.”

Using our Baker Street Classic Hot Dog Rolls and Original Burger Buns you can create Daniel’s favourite BBQ dishes, with just a sausage or beef burger and some sauce. We have to say we agree with Daniel, sometimes less is more!

What’s your go-to breakfast?

“I love some form of egg on toast. Poached, scrambled or fried. Not overdone with a little salt and pepper over a well buttered piece of toasted bread.”

Baker Street’s Rye Breads are an egg-cellent addition to scrambled egg, and if you fancy something extra on the side try with some fried mushrooms and cherry tomatoes.

If rye bread isn’t your thing, we think you can’t go wrong with egg and soldiers – our White Sliced Bread toasted and buttered makes for the best bready companion to a soft-boiled egg.


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What would your post-race day meal of choice be?

“Post race, it’s important to have a good meal that combines protein and carbohydrates for recovery, but I never like something too heavy. A grilled chicken burger with some tomato and lettuce, plus some sweet potato wedges or mash on the side, would do the trick.”

Our Baker Street Original Burger Buns or Mega Burger Buns make a great chicken burger for a post-race day meal. Try adding bacon and avocado for something a bit extra.


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What’s your favourite sandwich filling?

“It really depends on how I’m feeling. I like the simplicity of a tuna and sweetcorn sandwich, but also the freshness of a BLT.”

No matter what sandwich filling you’re going for, our White, Brown and Seeded Sliced Loaves are great for your sarnie of choice. And what’s more, our Sliced Loaves are cleverly packed so that they stay fresher for longer.

What savoury and sweet toppings would you choose to have on your toast?

“Savoury, it’s got to be some eggs. Sweet, just a drizzle of honey on some well-toasted bread makes for a nice little snack.”

Our Baker Street White Sliced Loaves are great with honey. Try rolling up a slice and dip it into a beaten egg and milk mixture before frying them in a pan with butter. Once they are golden brown all over, plate them up and drizzle with honey. Yum!


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What’s your favourite filling for a toasted sandwich?

“Tuna melt, chicken pesto, mozzarella and prosciutto. All fantastic choices!”

Whether you’re going for a classic cheese toastie with our White Sliced Loaves, or something a bit more adventurous using Baker Street Rye Bread filled with cured meats and different cheeses, Baker Street has got your back for toasted sandwiches!

What ingredients would you put in your breakfast burger?

“You can’t beat the classics. Bacon, egg and some ketchup to top it all off.”

Baker Street Mega Floured Baps are great for breakfast sandwiches. Serve with some hash browns and a grilled tomato, oh and don’t forget a big warm mug of tea!

Daniel Rowden: Tea & Toast Grader Choices

We asked Daniel Rowden what his tea choice would be according to our Tea Grader, and although he’s not often a tea drinker  it would be Strip Teas. On our Toast Grader scale, he would have Sandstorm as his toast colour. Which one’s would you choose?

If you try out any of Daniel Rowden’s favourite meals don’t forget to snap a pic and tag us @lovesbakerstreet on Instagram and Facebook.

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