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German Bratwurst|Knoblauchbrot Garlic Bread|Mushroom and Garlic Burgers|Mushroom and Garlic Burgers|Cheesy Raclette Bread

Christmas Market Food Recipe Ideas

Christmas Market food recipes to bring the markets ho ho home this Christmas

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It’s not Christmas without a trip to the markets, so bring them ho ho home this Christmas with our tasty Christmas market recipes.

Using our range of Baker Street products, you can have a true Christmas market experience at home – just don’t forget the mulled wine and hot choccie!

Christmas Market Recipe Ideas: Knoblauchbrot Garlic Bread

Knoblauchbrot Garlic Bread

Known at the market’s as Knoblauchbrot, but between us it’s garlic bread and super duper easy to make at home. Simply toast some Baker Street Classic Hot Dog Rolls, spread with garlic butter and chopped parsley and cook until the edges have gone crispy.

Christmas Market Recipe Ideas: Mushroom and Garlic Burgers

Mushroom and Garlic Burgers

German-style mushrooms with garlic sauce are a Christmas market food staple. So, using our Original Burger Buns, we have created some Christmas market-inspired veggie burgers that are a must try! After a couple of these you won’t have mush-room for anything else.

Christmas Market Recipe Ideas: Cheesy Raclette Bread

Cheesy Raclette Bread

You can’t beat this ridiculously cheesy raclette bread. Using our Baker Street White Sliced Loaf – cut into small squares and toasted – along with some melted cheese and a little parsley, you’ll instantly feel like you’re at a Christmas market without having to trudge all the way there.

Christmas Market Recipe Ideas: German Bratwurst

German Bratwurst

The Christmas market favourite – a Bratwurst sausage. Try one of these smothered in honey mustard sauce and melted cheese, all housed in a Baker Street Classic Hot Dog Roll. This recipe is bound to make you feel like the Christmas markets have come right to your home.


If you try out any of these Christmas market recipes, be sure to take a pic and tag us on Instagram and Facebook.

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