Brioche Rolls

Want Something A Bit Fancier?

Soft, rich, sweet and always delicious, brioche rolls are always a favourite. As good at lunchtime for a sandwich as for dessert with plenty of sweet ingredients. If you’re looking for something a little different, take a look at why these Brioche Rolls and Chocolate Chip Brioche Rolls might be for you.

Brioche is slightly sweet. Of course, our Chocolate Chip Brioche Rolls are a little sweeter thanks to those delicious chocolate chips! And because of its rich, slightly sweet taste, brioche is often used in dessert or breakfast recipes. However, our Brioche Rolls are also the ideal lunchtime solution and pair perfectly with all your favourite sandwich fillings.

Not Just For Kids

Of course, brioche is by no means just something to be enjoyed by the little ones! Perfectly soft and shaped ready for your favourite fillings, our Brioche Rolls are ideal for the whole family.

A Perfect Treat Anytime Of The Day

Have them as a mid-morning snack with a cup of coffee, or include them in a lunchbox for a well-earned treat. They’re also great with chocolate spread or fresh berries and ice cream for an easy to prepare dessert for when you just need a little something extra to finish the meal.

Brioche Rolls

A little sweetness and a lot of flavour! Our Brioche Rolls With Butter are soft and rich, for a treat any time of day. As a snack for the kids on their own, with your favourite spread or for a lunchtime sandwich, they're so easy, and oh-so-yummy!

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Sweet, delicious and full of chocolate chips. Our Brioche Rolls With Chocolate Chips are your new favourite morning treat, afternoon treat, lunchbox surprise and even cheeky late night dessert.

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Top Tip

Why not try dipping in a steaming cup of hot chocolate for an extra sweet treat.

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Know Brioche

What Is Brioche?

Brioche bread is a light, slightly sweet and deliciously rich bread that has origins in France. What’s known as an ‘enriched dough’ gives brioche its signature golden brown and shiny crust with a soft interior. Brioche is a popular bread for bakery items like burger buns and hot dog rolls, and is ideal for a variety of sandwiches and snacks.

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Ways To Use Our
Brioche Rolls

However you like!

While there’s not really a right way or a wrong way to eat brioche, we...

...all have our favourites.

Baker Street Brioche Rolls are a firm lunchtime favourite with our team, and...

also make for a brilliant quick snack or fab easy desserts.