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UK burger map: Baker Street’s big burger questions answered

1 year ago

Here at Baker Street, we got our Bread Heads together and create a UK burger map to show you how you guys enjoy burgers and answer some of the biggest burger questions to date including: is a burger without a bun really a burger? And is it ever okay to dip your burger in sauce?

Baker Street asked 2,000 participants these big questions, as well as what they believe the biggest burger dos and don’ts are. And we have all the answers right here – are you bready to find out?

UK burger map: how the nation eats burgers

So what are the biggest burger no-doughs according to Britons?

UK burger map: bread-iquette

Well, some of the top “wrong” ways to enjoy a burger are having a burger with no cheese and using slices of bread instead of a bun. Especially when there’s Baker Street Burger Buns around!

The study also found that putting crisps inside a burger, eating the meat and bread separately and dipping it in sauce were also considered bad bread-iquette. The more you know!

One hot debate is the question of whether it’s okay to use cutlery to eat your burger. Turns out, more than half believe you should always eat your burger by hand, even though 13 % of participants admitted to being cutlery-using fancy pants.

The study also found of the 87 % who eat their burgers by hand, over half (56%) of them said doing so is part of the experience of having a burger, and 29 % believe it tastes nicer when eaten that way.

A further 22 % even enjoy the mess it makes, and who can blame them!

Those who use cutlery worry the fillings will fall out and their mouth isn’t big enough to bite into it. Fair enough, if you ask us.

A third even dissect a burger before eating it, by removing the top piece of bread and eating the meat separately.

UK burger map: saucy revelations


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Ready for more revelations? Our saucy participants let us know that marmite, mint sauce and pesto are among the condiments they dough not want to see on their burgers.

We have good news Bread Heads! A whopping 72% of people believe that burgers should always be made with bread, and that giant mushrooms, lettuce and wraps are not a suitable alternative.

A quarter also said a burger should always contain a beef patty.

Our Commercial Director here at Baker Street HQ also had something to add about the bready matter. He said: “Everyone loves a burger, especially when at a barbeque, but clearly there are a lot of ways it can be done wrong.

“People have their preference of bread, meat and additional fillings and the options really are endless. There seems to be a lot of controversy around how to eat one – with or without cutlery – but one thing is for sure people love their burger sandwiched between a proper bun.

“In fact, four of the top seven criticisms of the right way to eat a burger are centred on the bread – which proves to us that a great burger starts with a great bun.”

We all know burgers are a BBQ classic, and our participants agreed! When it comes to barbeques, 49% would opt for a burger over a hotdog, while only 15% would choose a sausage.


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If hosting a BBQ, 50% of people will serve up beef burgers, while 20% offer veggie patties and 18% cater for vegans.

Now what does the “perfect” burger look like, then? According to those polled via OnePoll, a “perfect” burger should include one type of cheese, two condiments, two patties and one additional filling.

It seems people prefer traditional flavours as beef, cheddar cheese and ketchup, even though we’re partial to the odd unexpected element here and there!

This combination sees the average adult enjoy two burgers a month – amounting to more than 1,500 in their lifetime. That adds up to 3,000 sides of a bun!