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Baker Street reveals the UK’s biggest food phobias

Baker Street reveals the UK’s biggest food phobias

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BwahhHAHaahhaHAaaa. You haven’t gotten rid of the Dead Breads yet mere mortals, and this might be our scariest blog yet! We decided to entertain ourselves this spooky season and do some research on behalf of Baker Street to reveal  which foods the UK are most scared of.


Turns out there’s a lot of scaredy cats out there when it comes to food , and we love it! A third of the nation have a fear or phobia of food! 55% of those with a genuine fear even avoid having the item in the house!

The top foods people have a fear or phobia of are:

  1. Mayonnaise
  2. Cold Meat
  3. Mushrooms
  4. Milk
  5. Yoghurt
  6. Bananas
  7. Ketchup
  8. Chocolate
  9. Cake
  10. Crumpets

Interestingly those with food fears are more put off by texture and smell than they are by the taste – scaredy cats!

Watch out this spooky season though, as one in six of you love watching people squirm as much as we do and enjoy preparing food for your friends that you know they have a phobia of. We like the sound of these people!


Using ALL of Baker Street’s budget, we’ve created this map of the UK to see where you mere mortals have the biggest food phobias.

Food phobias and fears aren’t the only thing stopping people from eating food. There are also lots of frightening foods that you mere mortals are put off by – wimps!

Mouldy bread, rotten vegetables and smelly meat are the top foods people are put off by, although we aren’t sure why,- us Dead Breads always say the mouldier the better.


Nearly half of the mere mortals we asked dislike soggy foods, including bread, crisps and cereal, and a quarter of adults eat as quickly as possible to avoid the terrifying sog.

Well us Dead Breads think that we’ve just created a new food phobia then: Soggophobia – the fear of soggy bread and other food.

Think you can handle the sog? Or do you have a severe case of Soggophobia? Take our wicked quiz below to find out – we can’t wait to watch you squirm!


WARNING MERE MORTALS: severe sog warning – proceed if you dare! Us Dead Breads wanted to put you mere mortals to the test to see how much sog you can handle. Stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook channels this week to see if you can watch our videos without wincing, your cowards!

How much can you handle when it comes to beans on toast. Just a wimpy couple of spoonfuls of beans, or ALL of the toppings?!


We were extremely displeased that the Baker Street Sliced White Bread didn’t get one bit soggy!

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