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Toasting Waffles

If you want a little taste of America at home, then these toasting waffles are the perfect treat for you – especially when you add bacon and maple syrup on top! They’re twin packed, so you can have one pack now and save the other for later, keeping them nice and fresh. Just pop them in the toaster, and enjoy their delicious, lightly sweet taste in less than a minute. They make a great afternoon snack for kids too.

We’re always improving our recipes, so please check our packaging for the most accurate info.

We love them…

Toasted in the oven until they’re golden and crispy, then drizzled with a generous helping of caramel sauce and a handful of freshly sliced banana. Add a big dollop of vanilla ice cream on the side to make it extra indulgent. Delish.

Baker Street Toasted Waffles

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Don’t just take our word for it…

Toast well

Nice waffles that toast well and now my children’s favourite

Love these teacakes

They are tasty toasted with loads of butter. Seemed to last longer than others I’ve bought too

Part of our daily diet

These teacakes keep well and are nicely spiced. My husband feels deprived if he hasn’t had his daily toasted teacake!

Delicious breakfast waffles

Best toasted and eaten with Nutella or