FAQs - Baker Street

Some of our frequently asked questions…


What’s so different about Baker Street then?

Our deliciously soft breads stay fresher for longer – unopened, up to the Best Before date printed on the pack, in your cupboard – so you can always enjoy tasty bread without worrying about the waste!


Is that best before really what it says?

Yes, your bread really will stay soft and tasty for that long, if it’s unopened and stored in a cool, dry place (you know, the usual shelf, cupboard or breadbin).


But how do you make it stay soft and tasty for so long?

Well, along with our unique recipe and the precise baking in our ovens, we took a fresh approach to packing. We’ve got a really quick and clean packaging process, that protects your bread from those tiny micro-organisms (the culprits of mould), and keeps it soft & tasty until you’re ready to enjoy.


OK then, what’s unique about your recipe?

Well, we’ve perfected our recipe over many years of baking and eating, just like any other baker. It contains all the ingredients you need to make deliciously soft bread. And just like most of the bread you’ll see on the supermarket shelves, we also include a calcium propionate preservative (which helps stop that mould growth) and an emulsifier (to help stay nice and soft).


Does that mean it’s got loads of additives or chemicals in?

Not at all. Our recipe hasn’t changed, and there are no nasty chemicals, nothing added unnecessarily, and nothing that’s not going to taste good!


What made you take this fresh approach to packaging?

We love delicious bread, and we hate waste. It’s that simple. We wanted to make sure you could always have some tasty bread in the cupboard, and didn’t have to worry about it going mouldy and throwing it out.


I’ve always been a lover of Baker Street, will it taste different now?

If you’ve always enjoyed our bread, nothing’s changed. Same great recipe, just a perfected, clean packing process.


What about when I’ve opened the packaging?

When you’ve opened your Baker Street packet, as long as you re-seal the packaging tightly, it’ll last for another 7 to 10 days depending on the type of bread, buns or rolls.


Why do I need longer lasting bread?

So you never have to worry about running out of delicious bread! It’s always there for sandwiches if the family unexpectedly come over, for those bacon butties at the weekend, or for that emergency toast when you’re late for work.

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