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Recipe ideas: Baker Street’s flan-tastic creations!

2 years ago
Toffee Apple Flan On A White Table

Move over Paul Hollywood and Nigella Lawson – Baker Street is here to help the nation whip up impressive desserts in seconds. Enter Baker Street’s Sponge Flan Cases and some epic recipe ideas!

These Sponge Flan Cases are great to use when you’ve forgotten to create that showstopper that you promised your Aunt Mabel. They’re light, tasty and already baked to perfection, so all you need to do is add some delicious fillings and toppings, and bam! An effortless yet impressive dessert that you can claim all the glory for.

What’s more, they come in two different sizes so that you can choose the best size for whoever you’re feeding. Our smaller Sponge Flan Case is perfect for feeding four mouths, while our Large Sponge Flan Case can make between six and eight servings.

You can pick up our Baker Street Sponge Flan Case in Waitrose and Morrisons, while you can buy our Large Sponge Flan Case in Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

Now – if you need some flan recipe ideas to make the Bake Off competitors shake in their boots, take a look at our inspiration below. And if you’re making any flan-tastic dishes, make sure you share them with us by tagging @LoveBakerStreet on Instagram and Facebook.


We created this sweet dish for Bonfire Night (see our photo at the top of this blog post), but it’s a perfect dessert or sweet treat all year round. Featuring thinly sliced apples, a layer of cream and a drizzling of toffee sauce, you’re not gonna want to let anyone else eat this.


Recipe for a Pumpkin Spice Panna Cotta Tart, slice on table

Move over Spice Pumpkin Latte-ccinos or whatever you’re called! Thanks to @lozallenliving, we’ve got an easier way for you to get your spiced pumpkin fix… in flan form. Head to her blog for the full recipe.


Overhead shot of Pumpkin Walnut Jam Tart on table with autumnal decorations

Another autumnal cracker, this time from @one_bake_at_a_time who has used layers of tinned pumpkin and walnut jam, topped with some whipped mascarpone, cinnamon and maple syrup.