Easy Summer Dessert Recipes Using Baker Street's Flan Cases

Easy Summer Dessert Recipes Using Baker Street’s Flan Cases

1 year ago
Easy Summer Flan Ideas

Fancy whipping up some tip-top desserts this summer Bread Heads? Well, with our Baker Street Sponge Flan Cases, it couldn’t be easier. We’ve put together some easy summer dessert recipes for you to try out and create your own showstopping flans.

Whether you’ve got a last-minute party, or are missing your sweet treat for your family at the end of the meal and haven’t got time to whip up a dessert, don’t worry! Just grab one of our Sponge Flan Cases – it’s already baked to perfection for you and all you’ll need to do is fill it with your favourite fillings. It’s so versatile you can choose anything you love to go inside.

You can find our Baker Street Sponge Flan Cases – suitable for four people – in Waitrose and Morrisons, and our Large Sponge Flan Cases, which serves between six and eight people, in Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

Easy Summer Dessert Recipes: Fruity Flan

Easy Summer Fruit Flan

Take your Baker Street Sponge Flan Case and cover it with whipped cream, pick out your favourite fresh fruits and arrange them however you like on top to make this next-level summertime dessert. It couldn’t be easier!

Easy Summer Dessert Recipes: Fruit & Custard Flan

Easy Summer Fruit & Custard Flan

All you need for this delicious dessert is to whip up a custard mixture, pour it in the flan case, let it set and decorate it with whatever fruit takes your fancy. Job done!

Easy Summer Dessert Recipes: Lemon & Raspberry Meringue Flan


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Grab a Baker Street Sponge Flan Case and make the easiest, most delicious Lemon & Raspberry Meringue of your life!

All you need to do is…

1. Spread lemon curd over the flan base.
2. Scatter the raspberries on top.
3. Whip up a meringue, dollop on top and smooth over.
4. Place under a grill until meringue is browned.
5. Serve you mega masterpiece and tuck in!

Easy Summer Dessert Recipes: Chocolate Fruity Flan

Easy Summer Chocolate Flan

If chocolate is more your thing, don’t worry – we have you covered Bread Heads! Liberally fill one of our Baker Street Sponge Flan Cases with chocolate spread or (if you’re feeling real fancy) chocolate ganache. Then decorate with sliced fruit of your choosing. Garnish with a sprig of mint as a final touch.

If you try out any of these easy summer dessert ideas make sure to snap a pic and tag @lovebakerstreet on Instagram and Facebook.