Care Home Bake Off Competition: Special Mentions - Baker Street

Care Home Bake Off Competition: Special Mentions

2 years ago
Baker Street 3 Sponge Layers Cherry Cake

The judges have made their decision, the scores have been counted and very soon we will find out the winner of the Baker Street Care Home Bake Off Competition.

We have been blown away with the spectacular showstoppers that have been entered into our Care Home Bake Off Competition and our judges had great fun in reviewing all the creations.

Judging the entries took into account various elements, with each element given a score out of 5:

1. Sensational showstopper: the judges’ first impression of the creation.
2. Creativity & Originality: has something like this been seen before?
3. Presentation & Precision: was the idea well executed and did it have eye appeal?
4. Colour & Design: it was it recognisable as a Baker Street Sponge Layer product, or had it been pimped up to perfection?

After each of these areas had been reviewed, the scores were counted up and the winner was decided. We will be announcing the winner and runners-up in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out on our blog!

Whilst we couldn’t make everyone a winner (as much as we wanted to) there were a couple of entries that definitely deserved a special mention. They impressed the judges with their collaborative efforts from both catering staff and residents and we couldn’t let them go unnoticed.

Primley Court, Devon

Primley Court Special MentionPrimley Court Special MentionCare Home Bake Off Competition Special Mention

Primley Court in Devon decided to choose a topical theme for their cake to reflect a year of living with Covid-19. The residents called the cake ‘A Slice of Survival’.

Residents participated in the decorating of the cake, choosing a citrus filling of lemon curd and mandarins before covering the cake in double cream and grated chocolate. One resident had previously worked in a bakery and was able to advise the others and the staff on how to apply the double cream using an icing bag.

Apparently the residents really enjoyed being part of this experience and we hope they enjoyed eating it just as much too!

Mulberry House Residential Home, Bovey Tracey

Mulberry House Special MentionCare Home Bake Off Competition Special Mentions

Mulberry House Residential Home in Devon spent time discussing their favourite cakes and decided that no cake is complete without fresh cream and strawberries, and so they came up with their showstopper.

They smothered each cake layer in strawberry jam, cream and sliced strawberries before topping the cake off with more cream, strawberries and some pretty wafer daisies. After pictures were taken the cake was sliced up and shared between staff and the residents.

Here’s what one of the members of staff said: “This cake was the work of our lovely residents from start to finish and it was amazing to see how focused they were on creating something special, and especially wanting to give something back to their carers.”

St George’s Nursing Home, Witham

St George's Nursing Home Special MentionSt George's Nursing Home Special MentionCare Home Bake Off Competition Special Mention

St George’s Nursing Home in Witham decided to create a ‘Taste of Summer’ cake for their showstopper creation. They created their own Raspberry and Rose Water Jam and Strawberry Buttercream, with Errol (pictured above) helping to mash the strawberries.

The cake layers were then covered with the homemade jam, buttercream and fresh strawberries and raspberries before decorating the top tier with more fresh fruit and wafer flowers.

The residents enjoyed the cake at their coffee morning. We hope it tasted as good as it looks!

Hallaton Manor, Leicestershire

Care Home Bake Off Competition Special MentionsHallaton Manor Special Mention

“Our inspiration was based on the steps out of lockdown to resemble each month from December 2020 to June 2021. Each representing a major step out of lockdown, until finally reaching 21st June when all restrictions are eased. This cake was designed with a rainbow theme to thank the NHS.”

This showstopper was created using 18 of our Baker Street Sponge Layers!! Each layer was filled with strawberries and Nutella, covered in different coloured butter icing and then placed on top of each other to form a cone. Rice paper pictures and royal icing shapes, representing each major lockdown step, were then stuck onto the cake.

We love the creativity of this cake and the hope that it represents!


These entries sum up exactly why we wanted to run this competition, with wonderful resident involvement and creative ideas. Thank you to everyone who got involved and stay tuned for the big reveal next week!